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7 Maine Coon Coon Colors: An Overview

7 Maine Coon Coon Colors: An Overview

Maine Coons are the cats of choice due to their friendly demeanor and lovely looks. In fact, they are one of the most popular feline breeds across the world. The Maine Coons originally from the state of Maine have thick, fluffy tails and beautiful coats that can be found in a multitude of colors thanks to modern breeders. END

Maine Coons can have 75 different coat color combinations, including patterned coats. We have separated these into 7 categories to help keep them organized. Here is a summary of 7 types of Maine Coon coat colors.


The only official solid color coats for Maine Coons are white, black, blue, red, and cream. Other possible colors might be chocolate or lavender, but these colors arent part of the standard for the breed.

Maine Coon cats with black coats all the way through, with no light patches, have a very popular coat color. Their nose, paws, and even their whiskers can be black.

solid color coats for maine coons
solid color coats for maine coons

Maine Coon cats that are all white are a rare find, and often have blue eyes. Their nose and paw pads will be pink, and some are deaf. White MCs with blue eyes are hard to find, and many are deaf.

While red is one of the most common color for Maine Coons, solid red cats are rare. The majority of red cats are found in the other color categories. Red Maine Coons have red paw pads and noses, and are very popular and common colors.

Blue Maine Coons have blue noses and paw pads, and their coats have a bluish tint rather than a plain gray.

Pure white is the lightest color of Maine Coon cats, and they often have pink noses and paw pads. A slightly darker cream color is common among Cream Maine Coons.


The tabby patterning consists of stripes, spots, and swirls with one or more base colors. Tabby patterning is extremely popular among Maine Coons, and there are 3 different types of tabbies: classic, mackerel, and ticked.

When we think of a tabby cat, we think of the striped belly, spotted shoulders and tail, and ringed legs. Tabby Maine Coons have the classic tabby pattern, with striped sides that go up and down.

Maine Coons are striped, but the stripes run along their sides, rather than up and down. This pattern makes it seem like the cats have a saddle on their backs, and is seen in mackerel tabby Coons.

the brown tabby maine coon
the brown tabby maine coon

The bellies, tails, and legs of ticked tabby Maine Coons have tabby markings. Their coats are not striped, but rather ticked with one or more colors. When you look at them from the top, there is no visible pattern in their coat.

The brown tabby Maine Coon with strong black markings on a brown coat is the most common coat color. These cats win the most shows out of all Maine Coons, and are also one of the most popular red coat colors. Red tabby Maine Coons are one of the most popular types of Maine Coons in general.

Maine Coons come in many gorgeous tabby patterns. One is the silver tabby, which is a light silver colored cat with darker patches. Another is the cameo tabby, which has an off-white coat and red patches. There are many more beautiful tabby Maine Coons, which is why they are so popular.

Tabby and White

Maine Coons can be any color or pattern, as long as they have white on their belly, chest, paws, and face. Some cats of this tabby and white variety can also have white on their tail. Cats in this category can have beautiful and uncommon coat colors, such as silver tabby and white, red tabby and white, and even black tabby and white.


Maine Coon cats that are bi-color have coats of one of the four solid colors (excluding white) along with markings of white. These cats should have white on their belly, chest, and all four paws, and sometimes on their face. Colors black and white, red and white, blue and white, and cream and white are all possible coat colors for a bi-color Maine Coon.


parti color maine coon cat
parti color maine coon cat

A parti-color Maine Coon cat has a coat of two different colors, other than white, in different shades. They can also have white markings on their belly, chest, and paws, which is parti-color and white. There are two parti-color Maine Coon cats that are officially recognized: the tortoiseshell and the blue-cream.

Some Maine Coons have black fur, with red patches or sections of red in their coat. Some cats have tabby stripes in their coat, which has been nicknamed tortoiseshell.

Maine Coons can have blue coats with cream patches or blended shades of cream. Some Maine Coons can also have white patches on their coat.

A torbie is a tabby cat with multiple color patterns, such as black, brown, and red. They can also have white markings. Another variation of the Maine Coon coat is a patched tabby, which is when a cat has tabby stripes in multiple colors.


The Maine Coon is a breed of cat that has a unique look due to their shaded coat color. Shaded coat colors are present in many shades, but the key aspect is that the undercoat is lighter than the top coat. The color becomes darker along the back and head, then spreads down the rest of the body. This contrast between the under and top coats makes the color appear to fade down the body, which is why this coat color variation is called shaded.

Cats can have many different colored coats, each more interesting than the last. A good example is a shaded silver Maine Coon cat, who has a completely white undercoat, and fur tipped in dark color on their back, legs, and face. The dark tipped fur extends down the sides of the cat, blending into the white belly area, making for a beautiful look.

Cats can have colored coats in shades of brown, or white. White paws, chest and belly are required.


maine coon cats can have smoke coats
maine coon cats can have smoke coats

Maine Coon cats can have smoke coats, which is a fascinating variation. The coat of a smoke-coated MC looks like a solid color all the way through, but in reality the fur isnt all the same color. Rather, the undercoat of the smoke-coated Maine Coon is lighter than the rest of the coat, giving the coloring a less solid, more faded look.

One thing to note about smoke colored Maine Coon kittens is that the undercoat often lightens as the cat gets older, so it can be hard to tell when they are young. All the solid colors can come in smoke varieties, such as tortoiseshell color.

Some Maine Coon cats have a white belly, paws, and chest, which is called smoke and white coloring.


The Maine Coon cats have a variety of coat colors, and are sure to catch the eye for their beauty (as well as their size). Its important to remember that although a Maine Coon cat does have an awesome coat, they are also a living creature, not just an ornament for their coat. If you want a Maine Coon because of their coat and appearance, make sure that you will be able to afford and care for a cat.



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