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Cat Scratcher Ideas For Large Cats

Cat Scratcher Ideas For Large Cats

When it comes to scratching posts, there are several different types of large cat scratchers that are available. These include the standard wood scratcher post, sisal rope, and cardboard scratcher posts. These do not require much effort or money to build and are suitable for most interiors. The base look of these scratcher posts will depend on the type of rug you use and the type of sisal rope that you choose. Painting sisal rope will give the post a modern look. The color of the paint should be natural, as it is not harmful to the cat.

Any cat owner will tell you: cats scratch scratches. Whether it’s a chipped corner, a frayed sofa, or a rug with loose fibers and bald patches, the typical cat owner has evidence that they need a scratching board. While store-bought scrapers are fine, they’re usually a bit pricey.

Considering that most cat scratching posts are simple sisal rope (available at any hardware store) wrapped around something sturdy, there are many different ways to make a DIY cat scratching post at home.

There are several ways to build your own cat scratcher using materials from around the house. Let’s look at some simpler options for cat owners:

DIY cat scratcher

A homemade scratcher is cheap and easy to make. To make one, cut four pieces of plywood to a 12 inch by 20 inch size. Secure the pieces with three-eighth inch wood screws. Place wooden dowels evenly across the plywood surface. Add a small amount of sand to ensure stability. After gluing the pieces together, clean and stain the wood if needed. If you want your scratcher to be colorful, paint or dye the rope a different color.

Converting a furniture leg into a scratching post

This simple cat scratching post only requires a few supplies, including a piece of wood, handles, and a keyhole. Your cat will love scratching on this leg, and it will be great for your kitty! If you have multiple cats, consider using different scratching posts for each of them, but be sure to separate them. Cats don’t like sharing, so make sure they have their own scratching post!

Angle scratchers

The Purrfect Angle cat scratcher comes with heavy-duty inserts. Its removable back leg allows it to fit into places that large scratching posts can’t. It’s also extremely stable and doesn’t take up much room. In addition, it’s suitable for large cats, so you can use it anywhere in your home. Just make sure it’s close to the wall or near a door, or your cat may get hurt.

Sisal rope scratchers

sisal rope scratchers are a great option for cats
sisal rope scratchers are a great option for cats

Sisal rope scratchers are a great option for cats that enjoy a rough, natural surface. Unlike plastic, sisal rope won’t damage furniture or develop sharp fibers, which cats often find frustrating. It can also be a great way to encourage kitty to play with toys. Here are some tips to help your cat find the best scratcher for his or her space. – Be sure to wrap the rope tightly around the base. Don’t leave gaps! – Change the sisal rope regularly. – Other materials are available for scratchers, such as wood, which simulates the natural environment of cats. However, wood is susceptible to bacteria and mold, which can be harmful to your cat’s health.

Saguaro cactus

If you have a large cat, you might want to try a Saguaro cactus cat tree. These trees come with four built-in sisal scratching posts. The base measures 16 by 16 inches, and the tree comes in two sizes. Your cat will love it. It’s shaped like a cactus and will satisfy his inner Clifford the Big Red Cat. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a large cat scratcher tree.


You can build your cat a scratcher with a large piece of cardboard. It can be round or striped to fit your cat’s preference. This scratcher will not take up much room in your home and is easy to make. Salty Canary created one of these scratchers to replace her velvet sofa. You can easily make one for your cat. You may also add some decorative fabric to give the scratcher ears.

Wooden crate

One of the best ways to provide exercise to your big cat is to give them a place to scratch. Wooden crates are an excellent option for this purpose. They make a great alternative to expensive scratching posts and can be a great decoration for any room. Make sure to buy a sturdy wooden crate for your large cat to scratch in. This will ensure that your cat will have a comfortable place to scratch and will prevent your floors from being litter-boxed with cat nails.

Wooden crate with plywood

Wooden crates can be used to build a cat tree. For a large cat, a plywood-covered wooden box can be a great base. You can add netting or other materials, such as pillows and fabric. You can also use plywood or industrial felt for the base. Then, cover the base with a carpet to keep your kitty safe from scratches.



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