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Do Maine Coon cats fart?

Do Maine Coon cats fart?

Maine Coons may pass fart due to either the diet or eating too quickly. The Maine Coon’s gastrointestinal system will digest food, causing gas if the food can’t be fully broken down.

However, diet is also another major factor and switching to a different type of food could mean that Maine Coon would stop wind.

It’s not really all that common when it comes to Maine Coon ownership and if they tend to have an excessively strong smell, you should get professional help. Is there anything different about Maine Coon grooming needs? Maine Coons have a relatively short coat, so the number of times you will need to groom them is below average. If you are looking for a more comprehensive answer, check out what we have to say about Maine Coon grooming here.

Why Your Maine Coon Farts?

Flatulence can be caused by a number of factors. In essence, it comes down to gases building up in the intestines and not being released, the body has a hard time breaking them down, and blocks form.

Sure they smell, but they’re no more disgusting than the ones you do.

It seems like your Maine Coon might be gulping too much air while eating, which in turn results in flatulence.

why your maine coon farts
why your maine coon farts

Apart from food, allergies can also cause stomach issues; most often, it manifests as vomiting.

However, when one eats a large amount of tasty food too quickly, gas can build up, leading to the uncomfortable feeling of gas in the gut until it is released.

Despite this, the biggest reason for bowels is the food your Maine Coon eats.

It is plausible to believe that digestion produces gas if your cat ate food they are mildly allergic to or it’s gone bad.

If you occasionally have bad gas, then it may not be anything to worry about, but don’t ignore common occurrences. There might be a dietary component that you need to change in order to avoid this from happening again.

Symptoms Of Gas In Your Maine Coon

If a maine coon cat experiences any of these, they should see a physician.

One of the traits of Maine Coon cats is their tendency to fart. You can either smell or hear when they do this.

There are some signs that may not be as immediately evident, but they often present themselves in concert.

One sign of feline flatulence is when a cat’s belly seems bloated after being petted.

It will provide a much nicer feel than a rug on concrete.

Maine Coons are known for their idle nature, so if yours has been less active than usual lately it could be due to feeling under the weather.

If you feel gassy, you need to do the same too. It’s natural for animals.

They might also be reluctant to eat other food or drink water

There is a chance the issue is only temporary, and if not, an urgent trip to the vet may be needed. The symptoms should give you an idea of what needs to happen next.

Maine Coon Flatulence And Health

maine coon flatulence and health
maine coon flatulence and health

Just like with any other animal, a maine coon cat should occasionally let out a little gas.

If your Maine Coon is passing gas pretty often, it could be something wrong

If the cat is passing wind and are exhibiting symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, it could point to gastrointestinal problems.

I think it would be best to take them to a vet for a check up.

It’s not unusual for cats to fart from time-to-time. Flatulence isn’t usually a sign of concern and is more than likely temporary.

Your Maine Coons Diet And Flatulence

Avoid foods that are high in fiber, as this can contribute to an increase in flatulence. As a general rule of thumb, the best way to reduce your chance of flatulence is with a balanced diet that contains foods from all groups.

Portion control, and not letting the cat ‘fight for’ their food with other animals stops them gulping down air as well.

A healthy diet that is balanced between dry and wet food with a high amount of protein can help reduce the amount of gas that passes out.

Diets high in fiber can improve your cat’s gastrointestinal health, but too much fiber may cause gas.

You can select a diet from an established brand, which is designed not to upset your stomach and see if that helps.

We also stock cat food, designed specifically to meet their particular nutritional needs. Treats should be avoided during this time so that their healthy diet is maintained.

Prevention For Your Maine Coon Farting

If your Maine Coon has been passing gas a lot and you’re concerned, try doing this to see if it fixes the problem: Bring a towel with you and take your Maine Coon outside to the backyard. Make sure it’s not cold or humid out, so it won’t cause any problems with the litter box. Mark down where your cat is going each time he goes to the bathroom on the towel so you know where he typically defecates.

It’s better to avoid the problem in the first place, as is typically said.

Care for your cat – Cats usually love to drink milk and it has always been seen as treats. However, some cats cannot digest lactose, so you should avoid giving them milk.

Maine Coons are known to drink a lot of water. A good habit to get into is making sure your Maine Coon has a fresh water bowl on hand at all times.

Portion control

– Your Maine Coon may be gulping down air if you give them large portions, so make the portions smaller and feed more often .

– Your Maine Coon may be gulping down air if you give them large portions, so make the portions smaller and feed more often.

– Don’t let your Maine Coon snooze all day.

Feeding a pet too much can cause a lot of problems – make sure they don’t have an obsession with eating! Giving them food treats is fine every now and again, just make sure it doesn’t happen all the time.

Are they sneaking out and getting food elsewhere?

Every time your cat exercises, its body is working at peak capacity.

A walk or playtime can be beneficial for a cats digestive system to prevent gas buildup.

Maine Coon’s can pass gas once in a while, so if you see them doing it – don’t worry – they’re not prone to flatulence or anything like that. It’s not abnormal for them to turn blue from the sudden rise in carbon dioxide concentration. Cats usually carry their kittens around and usually start to clean them just after they’re born, often licking their faces and wiping away any fluids. As they grow older and they become more independent, they stop caring for them as much.

Passing gas a little too much might have to do with the air you breathe.


There are many reasons why your Maine Coons may be looking bloated, and it’s important to identify which is the issue to help you begin to remedy it. Severe dehydration: This can cause a cat to look bloated and have a distended belly. If your Maine Coon isn’t drinking enough water, this could be causing the issue.

Once you find the root of the problem, there are steps that can be taken to help mitigate it.

Most flatulence your Maine Coon suffers is related to diet, just like in humans.

Feeding your Maine Coon a low-fiber diet can help them experience less gas production

Feeding your Maine Coon with protein-rich foods can be beneficial in a number of ways, whether to maintain their weight, keep them healthy and strong, or prevent some specific illnesses coming up.

Wet food is also easier to digest.

Do cat fart smell?

do cat fart smell
do cat fart smell

The passing of wind, or farts, is a normal and regular occurrence among felines. Not all stinky farts are caused by digestive problems – sometimes the culprits are just too much air inhaled with food.

Is it normal for a cat to fart?

Yes, it’s completely natural that any animal can experience flatulence. Animal digestive systems will produce gas occasionally which is a lot quieter than humans or dogs. With cats, it can often be a lot quieter than with other animals.

Do cats fart when they poop?

The sound a cat makes when it’s pooping is all about the consistency of the poop. If the food is more solid, less flatulence is likely to happen, but if a lot of mucous-y food (like wet canned cat food or anything that contains water) has been eaten, there’s a higher chance of it sounding like they’re passing gas.



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