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How to Get Cat to Use the Litter Box?

cat to use the litter box

When you want your cat to use the litter box, there are a few things that you can do to help make it feel comfortable. These include placement, stress, and enzyme cleaner. Once your cat is familiar with its new environment, it will be much easier to train it to use its box.

Location of litter box

The first step in teaching your cat to use the litter box is to make sure it is a familiar place. Avoid placing it in an area with high traffic or far-off rooms. Make sure it’s a place where your cat feels comfortable, and provide two exits for it to use.

dry litter box
dry litter box

Make sure your cat has access to a clean, dry litter box. You should clean the box regularly to encourage your cat to use it more often. Once your cat has acclimated to the new location, you can gradually move the litter box to a new area in the home. It’s best to move it a couple of inches at a time, allowing your cat time to adjust to the new location.

After you move the litter box to a new area, you can use a deterrent to get your cat to return to the litter box. You can block off the offending area with sticky tape, crinkly foil, or upside-down carpet runners. After the area has been cleaned and sanitized, place a food bowl on the cleaned floor or carpet.

You can also move the box to a more comfortable location. A big, covered box will make your cat feel more secure and safe. Make sure you change the litter box around every two or three weeks so that your cat gets used to the new environment. After a few weeks, your cat will likely use the box without a problem.

Keeping the litter box in an area that is out of the way will also help to encourage your cat to use it. Make sure your cat has access to the litter box in a private area, away from children and other cats.


Once the cat recognizes a litter box, use a treat to encourage the cat to use it. Once the cat begins to use it, you can give your cat more freedom. You can give your cat treats in other ways as well, like toys. You will have to wean the cat off food-related treats eventually. Also, be sure to show your cat the new litter box right away, and do not move it.

If you have a kitten or an old cat that has not been using its litter box, it may be a sign of stress. This stress can make the cat spray outside the box. It may also make the cat anxious if the box is near the food and water dishes. Cats do not like having their food or water bowls combined.

It is also important to keep the litter box clean and shallow. Cats need a shallow litter box to relieve themselves. Also, litter types vary widely, so it is important to choose a litter brand that cats will tolerate. Clay-based litters are usually more likely to upset a cat, so stick to scoopable brands.

Changing the location and size of the box can also encourage a cat to use its box. Some cats dislike a box that is too big or doesn’t have enough ventilation. In these cases, it may be best to move it to another location. In some cases, a cat may prefer a box with a doorway.

If you’re unsure of the cause of your cat’s outside-the-box behavior, make sure you have him or her neutered or spayed. If this doesn’t help, you can try other solutions. In the meantime, try to keep a close eye on your cat.

Enzyme cleaner

Enzyme cleaner is a safe way to eliminate odors caused by your cat’s urine. It also works wonders for household stains. Its non-aerosol dispenser is free from toxic propellants and is gentle on both your carpet and floor. It is made in the USA and is formulated with natural enzymes. It is also safe for your children and pets.

Enzyme cleaners break down the chemical compounds in cat urine, eliminating the smell and stain. You should leave the area for at least 10 minutes to let it do its job. If the smell is bothersome to you, use an unscented cleaner. Scented enzyme cleaners may cause a cat to avoid the area. In this way, you can prevent the problem from worsening.

A clean litter box makes your cat happier and healthier. And a fresh, odor-free house is also a good thing. Enzyme cleaners can be purchased at any pet store. Make sure that the litter box is clean and easily accessible. Remember that cats develop their own litter preferences when they are kittens. Some of them can adjust to a new type of litter without any problem. Others may feel uneasy or uncomfortable using a new litter.

If you see your cat urinating outside the litter box, you can try enzyme cleaners to get him to use the litter box. Enzyme cleaners are specially made for cat urine. By using them, your cat won’t have any bad odors and will poop safely in the box.

Enzyme cleaners work by breaking down organic matter in cat urine. They also work by breaking down bodily fluids and fat molecules. This way, they do not harm humans and pets. However, you should consult with a veterinarian before using any product for your cat.


If your cat is not using the litter box, he may be suffering from stress. Stress can be a sign of health problems, or it could be related to a new environment. You should get your cat checked by a veterinarian to rule out any medical issues. If the stress is not related to a medical problem, you may want to try pheromone sprays or special treats to help your cat communicate with the box. You can find these products at many pet stores or online.

If the stress is not related to a medical condition, you may be able to get your cat to use the litter box without much trouble. Just be sure to supervise your pet and do not rush the process. Cats need to be taught and encouraged to use the litter box. Be consistent and watch your cat very closely to make sure he does not urinate outside the litter box.

If your cat is having accidents outside the litter box, you should clean the area thoroughly. This will avoid creating a negative association by causing your cat to smell his elimination. You can purchase enzymatic cleaning solutions from pet stores. These products will also help to eliminate the odor caused by your pet. The smell of your cat’s elimination can fool your cat into thinking that the area is a toilet instead of a litter box.

If you’re having trouble getting your cat to use the litter box, consider talking to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will offer suggestions to reduce the stress your cat is under. Treatment options could include more frequent cleanings of the litter box, medication, and therapeutic diets. Another option is to provide your cat with additional areas to play and scratch.


If your cat is not using the litter box, you might be tempted to punish him. However, this is not an effective solution as punishing a cat will only make it fearful of you and make the problem worse. The best way to stop your cat from using the litter box is to teach it how to use it.

cat is not using the litter box
cat is not using the litter box

The first step is to understand your cat’s preferences. Many cats do not prefer the litter box and may prefer to use their favorite personal objects instead. This will cause your cat to avoid using the box and may lead them to urinate on your favorite chair or bedding. It is vital to understand your cat’s behavior so that you can create the best solution for your situation.

Another way to prevent your cat from peeing on the carpet is to treat the area with an enzyme spray, which can be bought at grocery stores or pet stores. In some cases, you will need to repeat this treatment several times before it produces the desired results. However, if your cat sprays the carpet multiple times, it will be futile to punish it.

Another way to prevent your cat from peeing outside the litter box is to catch it on the right time. Cats will often eliminate outside the litter box if they have a medical condition or urinary tract infection. The pain associated with urination makes them avoid the litter box. If you do not know when your cat is urinating, you may need to visit a veterinarian. Otherwise, you may only make the problem worse.

Changing the litter can also cause your cat to avoid the litter box. If you have a multi-level house, you should keep a litter box on each level. You may need to change the location of the litter box several times to train your cat to use the litter box.



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