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The Largest Maine Coon Cat in Our Family

The largest Maine Coon cat

The largest Maine Coon cat in our family, is the Guinness Book record holder! We got him six months ago and have had him ever since. Stewie is the Guinness record holder for the largest cat in the world. We love him dearly, and he is an important part of our family. Stewie is a regal creature, and has been the topic of many family photos.


Despite his enormous size, Barivel, the Maine Coon, is an extremely quiet and shy cat. His favorite foods are chicken and tuna. His owners take him on regular walks in their buggy. Although the cat may be large, he does not feel threatened by people. It is important to take him out for short walks to keep him active, but he will be more content if his owners carry a light-colored stroller.


The origins of the Maine Coon cat are murky. Many believe that they were brought to the New World by Vikings who brought their ship full of cats. Other theories suggest that the breed came from the European Ship Cat. Ship captains would keep cats aboard to keep rats and mice out of the cargo. The cat’s large, ring-tailed coat was the result of an accidental crossbreed. Although the exact origins of the Maine Coon cat are unknown, it is likely to have come from a mix of cats.


Whether to include a Maine Coon in our family is a big decision. Their large size can make them prone to obesity and joint problems. Proper nutrition and light exercise can help these problems be alleviated. Depending on your situation, you may be able to adopt a smaller version of a larger cat. Read on to find out how to choose a size that is right for your family.


the largest maine coon cat in the family
the largest maine coon cat in the family

Weight of the largest Maine Coon cat in the family: At twelve to eighteen pounds, the male Maine Coon can be the biggest member of the family. However, females are generally much lighter than males. While females are smaller than males, they are still quite large compared to other cat breeds. A Maine Coon cat’s body mass index (BMI) is similar to the human BMI.

Average size

One of the main differences between a Maine Coon and a domestic cat is the length. The average Coon is between 15 and 20 inches long, while a Maine Coon can grow to nearly three feet! This is due to their large, long tails. However, these cats are not always so tall. Some of the larger Coons have shorter tails than others, so measuring the total length from nose to base of tail can give you a good idea of true body length.

World’s longest house cat

longest housecat
longest housecat

Omar, a regal Maine Coon cat, was officially crowned the World’s longest housecat in 2010. The feline measured 120cm from nose to tail and weighed 14kg. It is so large that it requires a dog crate to go to the vet. Omar has taken up quite a bit of space on the Hirst’s bed! But that doesn’t make him any less adorable!



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