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Types of Maine Coon Colors and Patterns

Maine Coon Colors and Patterns

There are three basic types of Maine Coon color: silver, brown, and cameo. We will describe each color, and explain why it is important to distinguish the different types of coat colors. The spotted tabby color is coded as number 24 and is marked with oval or round spots all over the body. This color is derived from the tiger, but its stripes are usually torn in a Maine Coon because it has multigenes in its coat.

Maine Coon cats come in all sorts of different colors and patterns. Learn more about the different types of Maine Coon colors in this video!


The Cameo of Maine Coon is red with silver markings all over its body. The tail is red and silver, too. These cats have black paws and a dark grey undercoat. The cameo of Maine Coon is a beautiful breed, and is the most sought-after of all Coon colors. There are also different patterns of the Cameo of Maine Coon. Read on to learn more about this regal cat.


While the Silver Maine Coon has a striking color pattern, it is more common to see ticked cats. The ticked pattern is slightly less prominent than the solid silver pattern, but both have the same background. Some cats may be ticked and others may not, depending on the parentage of the kittens. Listed below are some examples of ticked Maine Coon cats. To further understand the differences between ticked and solid silver, see our photos of ticked cats.


The different types of Maine Coon colours and patterns are described in this article. The most common are the tortoiseshell and solid. Torties have a tortoiseshell pattern, while solids are entirely black. In fact, tortoiseshell cats are often the first pets adopted from animal shelters, mainly because of their beauty and popularity. The primary color of a tortie is black, but the amount of red varies.


The Maine Coon comes in an array of different colors and patterns, but they all share a certain resemblance in their overall appearance. Maine Coons come in almost all color and pattern combinations, but their pointed coloration is uncommon. The following are the five different types of coloration you can find on a Maine Coon: cinnamon, lilac, lavender, orchid, wheaten, gray smoke, and platinum.


white maine coon
white maine coon

A Maine Coon can be any color that you choose, but their pattern and colors can be quite different. The most popular color is black, which makes these cats extremely cute. However, you can also find these cats in bi-color, or a combination of several colors. For instance, you might find a White Maine Coon with patches of red and black on its chest and belly. Another type of color is the tortoiseshell, where the base color is white and there are patches of black or red on its body.


The Blue Maine Coon’s coat color comes in two basic patterns: solid and tiger. Solid colors are more common than tabby stripes and are found on many breeds. Tiger stripes are typically found on the face and legs but may also occur on the belly. Solid colors are often the most common of the two, so it’s important to understand their different colorings. Listed below are some examples of their pattern.


The Cream Maine Coon cat’s coat is buff-colored throughout. It has pink paw pads and nose leather. Red Maine Coon cats are a deep, vivid red. These cats are often mistaken for orange. Their paw pads are also the same color. Tabby Maine Coon cats are also available. Both types are beautiful and are extremely popular. You may want to find a cat with a unique color combination.



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