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Why Are Bengal Cats So Expensive?

Why Are Bengal Cats So Expensive?

Many cat buyers are often shocked and surprised when they hear the price for a Bengal cat lover is often more than 5000$. We felt the same way at the beginning. We were even more surprised when we found out the prices from abroad when importing. They were between 1500-500 $.

A cat lover who wants to buy a Bengal kitten or any other breed of cat would have to pay a lot. The price ranges between 5000$ and 10000$ on the pet websites. There is no such thing as a cheap cat, so why are people still willing to pay so much? We wanted to understand what makes it so high and how consumers can get the best out of their cats.

In addition, there are extremely high collection costs, so that it is not uncommon for a Begal cat to cost $5,000. We are talking about a show quality breeding cat. In many phone calls you then hear “… what so expensive? or will it be cheaper if I buy the kitten without a pedigree?

It is not uncommon to hear of cats that cost $5,000 to $6,000 dollars. They are a huge investment and this is not at all uncommon in the cat industry. Many people want to get a better quality breeding cat but they could never afford it. This article will help explain why it is so expensive and will give you some pointers on how you can get the most out of your

Why does a Bengal kitten cost so much?

We would like to say the following about this:  Our Bengal cats are not for bargain hunters, as we have made it our mission to breed kittens with white bellies and strictly defined rosettes, with silky, short fur with lots of golden glitter for the living area and also have the requirements for this, a pet cat costs so much the 1000$.

As breeders, we don’t just want to reproduce like hell, but want to breed healthy, well-socialized, breed-typical kittens according to certain rules and aspects (TICA CATS). This includes the acquisition costs of the Bengals per animal, as well as the many health examinations per animal that a reputable breeder has for his breeding animals, such as vaccinations approx. 140 $ per year, deworming approx. 20 $, HCM sound 150 $, FeLV/FIV/FIP approx. 80$, PK deficiency approx. 80$, PKD approx. 50$, faecal samples for coccidia, giardia etc. approx. 50$, the veterinarian’s trips to the cattery, any third-party covers which vary greatly between 500 and 1500$ plus repeated travel costs can increase if the cover has not worked, the rearing with species-appropriate quality food, cat milk, vitamins, especially during breeding, cat litter, cat club, exhibitions, etc.

The 12 or 15 $ for the pedigree really don’t matter anymore. The apartment must also be set up cat-friendly (scratching post, toilet, bed, etc.). Securing the balcony or terrace is also for the benefit of the cat and costs money. Not to be forgotten are the paid advertisements in newspapers and the Internet. Breeding pedigree cats is a hobby and a hobby costs money. Last but not least also for maintenance and creation of the homepage.

why does a bengal kitten cost so much
why does a bengal kitten cost so much

The work of the breeder until the buyer gets a housebroken, well socialized kitten cannot be represented in $ amounts anyway. Also consider that the pedigree certifies the impeccable origin of your Bengal cat. Of course, you will also enjoy a clingy tomcat or kitten every day for the next 15-20 years.

It shouldn’t be based on price. With the purchase of a cheap Bengal cat, you only support mass or black breeding, often with inappropriate keeping and a cruelty to animals background. What’s the use of an animal that may have behavioral problems that you bought cheaply? They certainly don’t enjoy that.

Bengal cats are called “bad luck cats”, “black cats” and “mass breeding” cats, because they are known to produce more litters than a good cat. They do not breed well and often suffer from health problems.

Why does the same kitten cost more as a breeding animal?

Many ask themselves the question: why does a lover kitten cost e.g. 1300 dolars and exactly the same kitten if you want it as a breeding kitten 2300 dolars?

If you buy a kitten lover from us, we assume that you have it as a cuddling and playmate and do not want to have it mated or thrown. This creature should not be used for breeding purposes, but lead a relaxed family life 90% of the kittens in breeding/show quality are handed over as hobby kittens. Please be aware that black breeders who try to “get ” a breeding kitten “cheaply” do n’t have a chance with us – our lover kittens are generally delivered early neutered!

But if you want a breeding kitten, it means that our lines (bloodlines) that we have worked hard for (appearance, character, quality of the rosettes, head, etc.) are distributed. This means that the character, stature and looks of our cuties is passed on. Every breeder has his own so-called bloodline and has selected his breeding animals from selected breeds and mated his breeding animals. Because every breeder has a breeding goal and has to work hard to achieve it. In this case, all the work is passed on and the competition is strengthened It goes without saying, of course, that we only sell cats of top quality (breeding/show quality) to catteries.

When you sell a breeding Bengal cat, you immediately sell your business card!

You should be able to sell your business card on the same day as you sell your breeding cats.

Having a business card that you sell on the same day as you sell your breeding cats, is important. That is because all of your clients will be able to see which business you are in and know how to contact you. Having a business card that looks good will also help significantly with sales.

Can I let my new Bengal kitten outside?

can i let my new bengal kitten outside
can i let my new bengal kitten outside

A new Bengal kitten is a very cute and adorable animal. But the question that arises in their mind is “Can I let my new Bengal kitten outside?”. This article will help you to decide whether it’s okay to let your new Bengal kitten outside or not.

In principle, we would not recommend new kitten owners to let their new family member run around outside unsupervised. You never know whether the kitten could possibly be stolen because of its great markings.

Likewise, Bengals tend to poach when they are released uncontrolled – ie not only small mice are caught .No! Squirrels, rabbits, rats etc. could now also be on the menu. This is thanks to the wild animal origin (ALC).

We recommend that new kitten owners possibly get their cuties used to a harness, or if you have the opportunity to build an outdoor enclosure. If you have a balcony, you could also convert it cat-friendly. But our little ones are used to living inside (only for a sometimes we go outside for a small photo shoot) and at that time the goal was to be able to keep such a beautiful cat as a house cat.



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