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What Cat is Bigger Than a Maine Coon?

What Cat is Bigger Than a Maine Coon?

Maine coons and bobcats share a resemblance, but the two are much different. Maine coons are much more social and are suited for home life, while bobcats are best suited for the wild. If you’re looking for a pet cat, consider a Maine coon.

However, there is one cat bigger than a Maine Coon: Savannah. Savannah cats are a mix of wild cats like servals and house cats, and can grow up to 17 inches and weigh over 25 pounds.

Siberian Coon

There are a few key differences between the Siberian Coon and the Maine Coon. The first major difference is in size. Both are medium to large-sized cats, with slightly longer hind legs. This makes them excellent jumpers and agile, while both cats have robust bone structures.

Both breeds are sociable and enjoy the company of people and other animals. While a Maine Coon can live indoors with enrichment and a lot of space, a Siberian requires more space to run and play. It is also larger than a Maine Coon.

Another difference between the two is the amount of fur. Siberians tend to shed less than a Maine Coon. This makes them better for people with allergies. While Maine Coons do not spend a lot of time on the ground, Siberians like to climb houses and trees. Both breeds are prone to allergens, but Siberians are less likely to bother those with allergies.

The Siberian Coon weighs between ten and seventeen pounds. Female Siberians weigh about the same as their western cousins. Males are slightly larger. Although both breeds are large, the Maine Coon is not the largest. Its size is dependent on its diet and activity levels.

The coat of a Maine Coon is much longer than that of a Siberian Coon. However, the Maine Coon’s coat is not double-thick like the Siberian’s. Instead, it is a multi-tiered coat. This type of coat is also unusually fluffy, with the tail especially fluffy and the feet reinforced with fur.

maine coons are a descendant
maine coons are a descendant

The Siberian Coon has an extra-long coat that needs daily brushing. Its fur requires more maintenance than a Maine Coon. It sheds its coat twice a year, in the fall and spring. This makes them ideal for outdoor cats.

The ears of a Maine Coon are larger than those of a Siberian Coon. The Maine Coon has large ears and almond-shaped eyes, while the Siberian has rounded ears. If a person wants to have a Siberian Coon, they will need a separate pet.

Maine Coons are a descendant of two domestic species. The Maine Coon is named after a British sea captain named Captain Charles Coon. However, there are no direct genetic links between the two breeds, and it’s impossible to pinpoint which came first.

While both cats are large, the Maine Coon has a rounded muzzle and the Siberian has a square-shaped muzzle. The Maine Coon’s head is also larger than its Siberian counterpart. The Maine Coon also has a more prominent chest and a longer tail than the Siberian.

The Maine Coon is known as a “gentle giant” because of its playful nature. Like Siberian cats, Maine Coons enjoy the company of people, but they do need plenty of space to exercise.


The Savannah and the Maine Coon are both big and intelligent cats, but there are some differences between the two breeds. The Savannah is a domesticated version of the wild serval cat, and the Maine Coon is a wild cat. Both have unique personalities, but the Maine Coon tends to be laid-back and affectionate, while the Savannah is more active and wild.

A Savannah weighs about seven to fifteen pounds, while a Maine Coon weighs between eight and 12 pounds. Both Savannahs and Maine Coons have long, fluffy coats, and the male is larger than the female. A Savannah’s coat is typically spotted, and its tail and ears are often furry. The Savannah’s furry coat helps it stay warm, making it an excellent choice for colder climates.

Savannah cats are more playful than their Maine Coon cousins, and they have a strong prey drive. They love playing with toys, and they prefer to hang out with their owners. They can be playful and independent, but they’re also very obedient. Although the Maine Coon is a friendly cat, it’s often timid when it meets new people, and a Savannah can be shy.

Savannah cats have very long legs and a wedge-shaped head, and they have a large, bushy tail. They’re also a big breed of cat, but they’re also very active and friendly. They’re not a lap cat, and can jump up to eight feet in height. Savannahs also enjoy water, and they’re very active. While they’re not wild, they can be trained to go outside. While the Savannah is an excellent choice for pet owners who want a cat with a big personality, it may not be the best choice for those who don’t want a lot of attention.

While the Savannah is more active, it’s not as athletic as a Maine Coon. Savannah cats can jump eleven feet, and they’re extremely popular for their hunting abilities. The Savannahs are both hardy and durable, and can survive in harsh climates. They’re great pets for those who like to hunt mice. The Savannah also doesn’t shed as much as the Maine Coon.

While the Savannah is generally healthy, it can be prone to health problems. It can suffer from bacterial and viral infections, as well as toxoplasmosis. Some Savannahs also have gastrointestinal tract problems, including vomiting and diarrhea. Some Savannahs can also have heart problems, namely hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This causes an enlarged heart and could even result in heart failure.

If you’re looking for a large domestic cat, you should consider a Savannah. The Savannah weighs around 10 to 20 pounds, with a body length of about 120 cm. They are tall and lean, and are excellent jumpers. They’re also affectionate and docile.


Though the Bobcat is larger than the Maine Coon, the two cat breeds are very similar in size. They are both large felines with a friendly, social nature, although the Maine Coon is usually much smaller. If you’re looking for a cat to bring home, it’s important to know what each breed is like before you make your purchase.

The Maine Coon has a large, fluffy coat, with tufts on the ends of its ears and ruffs on its neck. Both cats have big, padded feet. The Maine Coon and the Bobcat have similar physical characteristics, but the bobcat is larger and more easily handled.

Although the Maine Coon is not as large as a bobcat, it is still a big kitty in New York City. The Maine Coon is about 5 years old, and is roughly the same size as a fully grown bobcat. The average length of the cat is 40 inches, which is half the length of a queen-sized bed. It also weighs between eight and 18 pounds.

bobcat is larger than a maine coon
bobcat is larger than a maine coon

While a bobcat is larger than a Maine Coon, it’s not nearly as muscular. Maine Coons are smaller than bobcats, and they tend to have longer, bushier coats than bobcats. Maine Coons also have longer tails.

Bobcats are large felines closely related to the Canada lynx. They have similar physical characteristics, but differ in the type of coat and temperament. Despite the differences in size, bobcats are often a great option for a pet. They are good hunters with large bodies.

Although the Maine Coon is smaller than the Bobcat, they are both excellent hunters. The Maine Coon preys on squirrels, mice, and small birds. The Bobcat, on the other hand, hunts larger prey. Besides mice and birds, the two cats can also kill deer.

The lifespan of a Maine Coon is usually between 10 and 13 years. Its lifespan is influenced by its diet and lifestyle. Keeping a Maine Coon indoors can help it live longer. It can live for five to twelve years with proper care. A male Maine Coon typically weighs 13-18 lb, while a female weighs between eight and 10 kg. Their length varies from 48 to 100 cm.

A Bobcat is fiercer than a Maine Coon, and it’s a bit more aggressive. They hunt for small prey like rabbits and squirrels, but can take large prey such as deer and fish. The Bobcat also prefers larger homes.

Male bobcats can weigh anywhere from 14 to 40 pounds and are easily distinguished from house cats. However, female bobcats only weigh about 15 pounds. Their muscle content is similar to house cats, so the difference in weight is not a big one. However, the difference in size is apparent in their length and height.

If you’re looking for a large domestic cat, you might be wondering if you should get one or the other. Although they’re not related, their appearance is similar and they have the same genetic heritage. As a result, they are both highly intelligent and cold-tolerant. Despite their size, Maine Coons are generally much kinder to humans than Bobcats.



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